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Like the FS series, the FC series are apochromatic refractors with two-element fluorite lenses.  The FC series have larger apertures and longer focal lengths than the FS series, and provide outstanding performance both for the visual observer and the digital imager.  The FC series has its own dedicated set of reducers and flatteners, and is also able to use some of these accessories from the TOA series.




The two telescopes in the FC-76D series consists of an apochromatic fluorite doublet with a 76 mm objective diameter.  Both telescopes are 540 mm f/7.5 instruments.  The front element uses an eco-glass for maximum light transmission, with a coated fluorite rear element for superb color correction. 




The FC-76DCU model features a fixed dew shield and smaller, 80 mm diameter barrel for the same performance in a package featuring reduced weight and overall length.  It utilizes a 1.25 inch rack and pinion focuser.  The DCU version also separates into two components measuring 13 inches and 8 inches long for increased portability.




The FC-76DS model features a retractable dew shield and 95 mm diameter barrel.  The FC-76DC and DS are optically identical.  The DS model utilizes the 2.7 inch focuser previously used in the Sky-90 telescope.


Optical Tube Assembly only (mount, tripod, tube holder and finder sold separately). 


FC-76DC Visual System Chart

FC-76DC Extender Q System Chart

FC-76DC Extender C2X System Chart

Review by MF Bittner, Posted on 21-06-2018, 5 Stars.
The Takahashi FC 76 DCU is a remarkable astronomical instrument,further dealing with Land Sea and Sky has been a pleasure. I purchased a well known brand name import 80 mm APO Triplet from LSS, a few months back. While generally pleased with this brand name APO, there were some issues I had with the build, that did not meet my expectations so I asked to return it. True to their 90 day exchange policy LSS took the 80MM back no questions asked.....said Chris Hysinger "don't worry just send it back" ..LSS is Takahashi Americas importer and has been a quality retailer in the hobby for decades.

After that level of customer service, I looked at replacement options.. and the Takahashi FC 76 DCU was appealing, However the 76 mm objective size left me with some concerns about performance adequacy. The current FC 76 scope series is a follow on to famed Takahashi FC 76 that was discontinued years back..The newer DCU model is unique in that it is threaded in Half. .to facilitate easy breakdown for travel... again unique and very appealing to me...

I saved the additional balance and a month or so later the FC 76 DCU arrived. This scope gets rave reviews online (google Alpha Lyrae) but I was still concerned about the performance claims and the stated magic of the flourite Objectives especially in 76mm diameter scope. After several nights use... the claims proved to be true, the performance was amazing. I have used this side by side with a 102 FP 53 F6.9 imported scope I own. The 102 is exceptional at high powers, after side by side use the FC 76 showed the same level of detail. The only difference was that due ti the longer focal length and greater resolution, the image in the 102 and detail was corresponding larger, but planetary details were about the same. On bright targets the little Tak easily performed at 75 to 93 per inch (279x), At 112 x per inch (336x) the image was only slightly soft, but still useful and did not appear appreciably degraded.

The build quality is unique by modern well refined "imported" standards...the instrument is in a way a throw back to simpler traditional designs.The longer F7.6 focal length, single speed focuser, in a very light weight but narrow 80mm tube, package with a traditional finder fitting. The Narrow 80mm optical tube is topped off by a classy screwed in Brass plate with engraved serial number, like something from a science lab microscope from years gone by.The focuser was a bit stiff on arrival but after some use and break in the feel was perfect with no backlash, it just seems to get better and in no way do I miss the dual focuser capability. No frigidity back and forth fine tuning, just focus and the scope and images pop to sharpness in with an ample "Depth of Focus" common to only the finest optics. I also use this for terrestrial bird watching from my deck, and it also excels there as well (although strictly a fair weather scope). Again I was searching for a larger objective but by no means is the 76MM restricting in the category of smaller scopes, It will easily out perform 80MM ED import scopes, and as noted it can nearly perform nearly as well as a s a 4 inch instrument,.in a much lighter package that breaks down nicely The light weight and narrow optical tube make this scope extremely easy to handle, mount, and take down.

Down side? the only thing I can think of is now I have to now save u for the 4 inch FC 100 model!

5 stars based on 1 reviews
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