Takahashi Corrector M300


Takahashi Mewlon-300 CR Corrector

Takahashi Mewlon CR Corrector
Takahashi has just introduced 3 element ED correctors for the Mewlon-250 and 300.

These proprietary correctors eliminate coma and flatten the field and reduce the f-ratio slightly for each. Each has been designed to be a visual and imaging corrector, The corrector is part of the baffle tube assembly which is switched out by the user.

A 0.73x reducer and 1.5x are also being introduced to compliment the usefulness of the Mewlon CR corrector.

Now the Mewlon can be viewed as a tri-focal device with the corrected fields at three different focal ratios.

The Mewlon CR is designed to work with every Mewlon-250 and Mewlon-300 ever made which is about 20 years of production.

Wider field oculars and medium format CCD cameras will perform excellently with the Mewlon CR corrector.

Mewlon-300 CR Corrector Specifications
Effective focal ratio f/9.9
Effective focal length 2960mm
Image circle 40mm diameter
Mewlon CR Corrector $ 1,295.00

Reducer CR 0.73x
Effective focal ratio f/7.2
Effective focal length 2160mm
Image circle 35mm diameter

Extender CR 1.5x
Effective focal ratio f/14.9
Effective focal length 4475mm
Image circle 44mm diameter

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