Rigel Systems Quikfinder


The Rigel QuikFinder is a compact, lightweight night time or low light reflex sight that is engineered for use on large binoculars, and compact or large telescopes. It is well suited to the needs of astronomers, or anyone who must work in low light while preserving their night (scotopic) vision. The QuikFinder can be employed as the sole or primary sight to help you find objects that would be invisible to the naked eye, or in other small finder telescopes. Or, you may choose to use a QuikFinder in combination with a second conventional magnifying finder telescope.

This is a more compact evolution of the Telrad sight - the original astronomy heads-up display sight. The QuikFinder is distinguished not only for its compact profile, but also for its blinking circuit which allows one to have the Bulls-Eye pattern blink on or off.

Because of its relatively compact arrangement, and bulls eye sight which is more useful than similarly priced "red dot" sights, the QuikFinder is particularly helpful on smaller, fork mounted telescopes.

Housing: ABS Plastic construction
Height: 4-1/2" (115mm)
Width, and Depth: 1.4" (36mm)
Maximum Height (incl. Base): 5" (127mm)
Base Dimensions: 2.5" (61mm) long, 2" (51mm) wide, 1/2" (12.7mm)
Weight with battery and Base: 2.75 ounces (75 g)
Battery: One 3 volt, Eveready ECR2032/Duracell DL2032
Draw/Avg. Battery Life: 1 milliamp, 250 hours

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