Azimuth Circle GFC-190


Short Vane Azimuth Circle for Magnetic Compass
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Model number: GFC-190
Made of non-magnetic brass
Internal diameter: 247mm
Net weight: 1.7Kg
Deviation <12'
Comes in latching wooden box with handle. Closed box dimensions are 11 3/4 in. x 11 1/2 in. x 4 1/2 in. Has rubber feet on two sides of the box for safe storage in flat or upright position.

Operation & maintenance

1. In practice, put azimuth circle on the compass of same size and aim the sighting vane at the target to be observed. When objective on the shore is observed: look through the sighting hole, and aim the sighting wire at the target, then read the degree on the index disk of compass from the prism located under the sighting wire; When celestial body is observed: the black reflection mirror will be used to reflect the image of the target. If the light of target is too strong, mirror positioned on 270 degrees of the circle can be used to reflect the light into the slot of a prism compact, which is opposite to the mirror. The degree can be read out from the reflected beam under the prism compact.

2. When reading the degrees, note that you should not touch the circle and compass bowl.

3. Error inspection of compass circle: Look through sighting hole, ensure the base line in prism compact be coincided with the extension line of above sighting wire, otherwise, loosen the screw of prism compact to adjust the position of the prism.

4. Fitted on the circle body, two screws are used to regulate the level of the compass circle and have been adjusted correctly before being sold. Don't loosen them.

5. When the azimuth circle is used, don't touch the sighting wire. If the sighting wire is loose or broken, it must be tightened or replaced accordingly.

6. Before the azimuth circle is placed on the compass bowl, it is suggested to coat a layer of thin oil to reduce the friction between them.

7. Keep the instrument clean, especially prevent the mirror and screen from moisture or pollution. The azimuth circle should be cleaned with flannel cloth or antelope leather after use and place it in box to prevent mildew.

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