Shelyak Lhires III Spectrograph


High Resolution Spectrograph

Lhires III is a very high resolution spectrograph designed for amateur and educational astronomy. Numerous projects are within reach thanks to the technology involved in this instrument. Professional/amateur collaborations have been done with Lhires III spectrographs.
* power of resolution R ~18000
* resolution of 0.035nm near Halpha
* wavelength selected by micrometer
* mirror slit 15-35µm, reflective for guiding
* Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope adapter delivered in standard (two inch available)
* internal neon lamp for calibration
* switchable grating modules (2400 gr/mm in standard; 1200 gr/mm, 600 gr/mm, 300 gr/mm et 150 gr/mm in option)
* possibility to put an eyepiece
* photo tripod adapter available for public outreach (visual solar spectrum)

An unique experience: solar spectra
Lhires III can be use visually, which makes it a great educational tool during astronomy days and public observing sessions. Without telescope, it allow to watch, safely, the solar spectra in very high resolution.
With a video camera or a webcam and a small instrument, Lhires III becomes a spectro-heliograph. One can then image the Sun in multiple wavelength (Ha, HeI, K...) using a scanning technic.
A very high resolution
Lhires III bring very high resolution spectrography to the amateurs at an affordable price. Lot of educational projects around Doppler effect can be done such as::
* Jupiter or Saturn rotation
* Radial velocity of stars
* Star rotation: v.sin(i)
* Spectroscopic binaries
* ...
Easy to use
With the mirror slit, the Lhires III is very easy to use and allow to center and maintain the target into the slit with great precision. A simple webcam allow to guide on bright star. You get the full control of the operation during the exposure and you do not need a state of the art mount to do spectrography!
A multi usage instrument
Almost all CCD cameras, SLR cameras, or simple webcam can be mounted on a Lhires III.
Very convenient: optional grating and support are available to adapt in few seconds your resolution to your project. Fainter objects are accessibles: novae, bright comets... See our performance page.
Go a step further with your Lhires III
Beyond the knowledge that your Lhires III could bring you in the field of astrophysic, this is also a powerfull collaboration tool between amaeurs and professional astronomers: Be stars monitoring, veriable stars...
- Littrow design
- Résolution (Dl/l) of 17000 around Ha
- 0.012nm dispersion (with 9µm pixels)
- Optimised for f/10 instruments
- Adaptable to all types of instruments
- Several detectors can be mounted: CCD camera, SLR camera, webcam...
- Mirror slit for precise guiding
- Light: 3.7lbs
- Compact: 9.8 x 7.9 x 3.3 inches











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