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Starry Night Enthusiast
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Use your computer to explore a vast array of astronomical wonders! In Version 6.2, you can follow a space probe's actual path, explore interplanetary trips, even view 3D objects–spacecraft, moons or asteroids to see textured surfaces and much more.

Explore a vast array of astronomical wonders, both natural and man-made! Replay spectacular fly-bys of Voyager, Galileo, and other famous space missions. Never miss your chance to witness celestial events, such as Jupiter satellite shadow transits, with the powerful Events Finder. Easily navigate around the cosmos using SkyGuide as your tour guide. Starry Night Enthusiast gives you the freedom and resources to explore the night sky on your computer or with the naked eye or a pair of binoculars.

New Features for Version 6.2:
New Appulse Event Searching alerts you when the Moon is near bright planets
4 New Earth Horizon Panoramas let you observe from more interesting new locations
65 New 3-D Asteroid Models let you explore these intriguing celestial bodies
New Meteor Showers Update makes your meteor shower observations even better
New Extrasolar Planets Update helps you learn even more about planets beyond our Solar System
Extended Constellation Descriptions provide more detailed information on all 88 constellations
Smooth Window Fading (Win XP, Vista) and Transparent Floating Windows (Vista) will enhance your experience

Other Features:
Follow the paths of over 25 interplanetary probes through the solar system. Ride along with New Horizons on its mission to Pluto and more Pan around 25 3-D models of spacecraft, including Voyager, Deep Impact, Stardust and more
Zoom in on 3-D models of comets, asteroids and satellites
Track over 830 artificial satellites used for communications, GPS, environmental monitoring and scientific research
Plan observing sessions with Event Finder that instantly displays celestial events, such as lunar and solar eclipses and conjunctions, for months far into the future
Browse a library of over 100 Starry Night files that demonstrate events such as eclipses, planetary alignments and close-ups of galaxies and planets
Assign horizon panorama to a specific location on or off Earth with your choice of 11 photorealistic horizon panoramas
Pinpoint the exact location of historical events, such as the Apollo moon landings, with Location Markers
Access up-to-date local observing conditions through online link to Clear Sky Clock (requires Internet connection)
Click on any location on Earth while hovering and select a Google Map for that precise location (requires Internet connection)
Create your own automated guided tour of the universe with AppleScript, which helps you run a list of Starry Night files in sequence (Mac only)
Ambient environment sounds enhance the digital observing experience Locate objects easily with SmartFind, which cross-indexes and groups all the databases in which an object appears
Daily Events Reminder lists all celestial events visible tonight from your backyard
Hear the correct pronunciation of constellations and over 500 celestial objects
Explore without limits 700 million light years of space
View 2,500,000 stars
Zoom in on the location of 13,000 deep space objects
Travel in time from 4713 BC to 9999 AD
Deepen your understanding of the universe with over 70 interactive SkyGuide tours
Simulate the view through binoculars
View how the Earth and Sun look like right now with images from ground-and space-based observatories
Add your own asteroids, comets, satellites and 3-D models
Create your own movies to share with friends
Zoom in on the Best of Chandra X-Ray Observatory and Spitzer Space Telescope images
Recreate lunar and solar eclipses
Starry Night Enthusiast version 6 includes:
CD-ROM of Starry Night software for Windows and Macintosh
Exclusive SkyTheater” DVD with over an hour or original movies about space
Starry Night Companion, a 192-page illustrated astronomy book
New, comprehensive 210-page User’s Guide

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